Man At Arms – Upper Torso – Final

Hey all, here is the final! Well, there still needs to be a little more clean up done but it’s almost pretty much done. I may need to rework the left back hand side to match the right back hand side. I will come back to that later.
Here are the final pics.
Okay… so that’s pretty much it. Below are pics of the test fit. Arms were attached to see if the armor is moving with the way the arms are positioned.
I’ll be posting a lot of posts as week goes on and since we have Thanksgiving as well. My next area of updates will be the right straight leg. I’ve already started and will be posting every Sunday night on my blog… but will most like post on forums when I am nearing completion.
I’ll post my works in progress of Man At Arms such as the clay buildup and the arm.
Hopefully I’ll be able to post my past work as well~ Shoot me an email or please feel free to comment~
Thanks for looking~

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