Man At Arms – Upper Torso Part 1

So here we are… after 3 weeks of solid ass kicking work and lack of sleep, here is a work in progress of the upper portion of my Man At Arms statue. I’ve had a lot of fun through out this whole process and just wish I had more time to post my work faster. I’ve posted this on a couple of boards but basically, I sculpted the general body in clay and then was going to armor the body up in clay. The final pics at the bottom still needs more cleaning up but will do that once the entire piece is done.
I apologize for the abundance of pics but I was having trouble uploading a collage of this so I ended up posting the pics 1 by 1. I also figured I’d go a little crazy. Some pics may seem redundant as the update on the sculpt is really not all that noticeable.
Here are the 1st set of pics:
I tried to keep close to the design on the figure but didn’t want to sacrifice the body underneath. While I layer up the wax, I have a mirror next to me, so I’m constantly checking the layering process in the mirror.
Another thing I wanted to play with was the idea of armor in movement. So as he is leaning forward, I wanted to his armor to move with his body. So for the stomach area, I tilted his plates so that it seemed as though it was able to move. It’s very interesting and brilliant on how the Four Horsement designed their figures for the MOTU line.
Here is the 2nd set of work in progress pics.
The rib area was a little tough to figure out in terms of how I wanted them to move. The hip was a doozie as well.
Here is a test fit of the arm to the upper torso:
The next set of work in progress pics are more refining and adding of wax:

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