Past Works – Martian Manhunter

Hey everyone! Here’s a few pics of one of my past works. It’s the Martian Manhunter. I entered this sculpt into the contest where Tim Bruckner, the Shiflett Brothers, and Zach Oat were the judges. The goal was to create a sculpt on a deadline of our favorite super heroes in action or whatever action that we selected. We basically had to record the process and then submit. We all got little reviews on our sculpts. Even though I didn’t place, just getting a review from Tim (it was very direct and he pointed out the flaws in my sculpt) was totally worth it. But, a few members of the StatueForum board had entered and 2 of them, who are very well known forum members, placed 1st and 2nd! They were both excellent statues!
This was my 3rd character sculpt…. but technically… my 6th sculpt. Basically, a couple of characters that I’ve sculpted went through a couple of different reincarnations. So each reincarnation I consider a sculpt. The sculpt was roughly 22inches… and trying to complete this in 30 days was difficult. So I ended up submitting a incomplete sculpt. : (
Anyhow, here are some Work in Progress pics:
At the time, I was pretty happy with the sculpt. It was supposed to be an interpretation of a scene from JLI that was drawn by Kevin Maguire (Ass Kicking Artist – One of my all time favorites). Scale was measured by the Batman sculpt that I was in the process of completing at that time. I basically knew that MM was taller than Bats. Here is the comparison:
The head sculpt I somewhat checked for symmetry in a mirror. It was my first time, so it was challenging to see what I thought was MM when I looked at it did not look like MM in the mirror. Also, the pose was a bit awkward and proportions were massively off. I did not use a mirror at all for the body sculpt.
Here is the final submission ‘Poster Shot:
He’s basically holding a cookie and looking to see something wierd that was happening to his right side. That item in his left hand was supposed to be a milk carton.
Here is the somewhat finished sculpt cut up into pieces in the hopes that I would create a couple of switch out head as well as switch out arms for a pose more serious:
The hands that were sculpted for MM was actually the first set of hands I had ever sculpted. It was actually quite fun. I referenced my hand alot as I was sculpting. I believe each hand took literally 7 -9 hours to sculpt. Here are some detailed pics of the hands:
After the costume details were worked out, baked, and keys developed for each cutup part, here is the statue assembled:
Developing keys and putting the statue together after it was cut up and baked was quite a fiasco. This is where the importance of planning during the amature stages comes in very very handy. I’d just like to say that anybody attempting to do this, go to the GoreGoreGore site and read Martin’s tutorial on how they cut their pieces and plan during their armature stages. This helped out enormously when I cut up Man At Arms to work on individually.
So where is this statue now? It is actually sitting on my shelf in parts. After starting in wax, I wanted to do the same thing for MM that I did for my Bats… basically make a mold and cast him in wax. I know now that that is not going to happen. After working on my Man At Arms and my Bats in wax, I realized how important proportion or scale is as well as symmetry (sculpting in front of a mirror is) is to sculpting. And MM was way off on many things. So…as of now, he remains to be kept in parts until I decide to one day assemble him and keep him as a personal reminder of lessons learned.
Thanks all for looking~

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