Past Works – Hulk Version 1 (1st Sculpt)

So here is my very first sculpt!
I started sculpting the Hulk head around this time in Nov 2009. The body was started up about early 2010. My friend had asked me to do this for him as a commission and this is how my venture into sculpting started.
The head was a very very difficult challenge for me. I knew that going in just because I was not too confident in sculpting faces when I was customizing figures. But I learned the value of patience at trying to work through getting the face I was looking for. Sorry I don’t have many pics to show for this post. My previous laptop that carried all the pics crashed on me and I lost all the WIP pics.
The face was based off of the 2 pack figure from Marvel legends. I consider this the best version of Hulk ever. The body sculpt was inspired by the Hulk and Wolverine statue that was done I believe by Pearl Thunder on Statue forums. That was a piece of great art work and it was huge. As a beginner … I was a bit too ambitious trying to emulate their statue.
As you can see, my setup in holding my sculpt was very very poorly made. I basically had the hulk hanging from a thread rod with a wire. I had no idea what I was doing. Strange this was, was that I did do a lot of research into armature building. But all that research didn’t mean much until I actually dove in and learned from each sculpt how I should change my setup and armature building to see what would work for me. My armature was measured by printing out a large 20 inch picture of the figure and measuring the picture.
Sorry to blab…. here are some pics:
Great stuff right? I thought it looked good at the time. One very important thing I learned from this as well was the process of pushing clay around. Specifically how to smooth the muscle groups so that was it blocks of muscles but that there was a smooth transition between them. The pics above are basically blocks of clay put onto the sculpt. After looking at some body builder magazines and the internet for back references, I tried pretty hard to imitate the muscles. After a month or two of struggling to do so… here is a pic:
Using a brush with rubbing alcohol and my fingers, it was amazing to me at what I could do with clay. Here are some more pics:
So here is another mistake I made for this statue which is sculpting it in parts. Huge Huge mistake. It was too big and overwhelming as a beginner sculptor and too big to fit into my oven. I figured I’d just do it in parts. Well… here are some more pics:
Changed up the upper torso a bit… and wanted to change the pose because the sculpt was too heavy for my set up to support. I thought it looked cool like this. I thought …eh… sculpting it in parts isn’t too tough. I just had to focus on the legs now.
And there you have it. It just got bigger and bigger and I had no idea what I was doing. Nothing looked right and after a couple of months of this… I said screw it and it was scrapped. I told my friend that I would restart again. Not bad for a first sculpt eh? : )
I’ll have more posts up of my past work soon~ Keep checking back~

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