Past Works – Hulk Version 2

Hey all,
Here is just a quick recap on my second reincarnation of the Hulk. I tried to sculpt this or build up this piece as a whole… but veered off again. Just another example of poor planning and not really knowing how I was going to cut up the statue. It was definitely a fun piece to do as I felt I had a little more confident in how I was going to execute this piece.
Not really going to post too many pics. The head is the first sculpt of the Hulk head. I just added more hair.
Here are some WIP pics:
I think I got carried away bulking this guy up. At around this point, I had cut the sculpt up to bake. Here are some close ups of the parts:
And here is the final:
In the end, this piece ended up going to the scrap heaps again. Symmetry wise, the face and body was off… and he seemed pin headed to me. I felt guilty to my friend to sell it to him. So I ended returning his money and cutting a V into the upper torso with the head and made a cast of the bust to give to him.
You all may notice that throughout my posts, scale, proportion, and symmetry is a big thing to me. I still need to work on alot of things… but I believe getting these three areas right is a good way to start moving in the right direction.
Thanks for looking and check back later today as I’ll have some update on the legs of my Man At Arms.

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