Man At Arms – Left Leg Part 1

The left leg has been started this week. Still working on his belt and the armor of the leg. Once I have that completed… I should be able to start on the more organic area (The fur below the armor). I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to lay out the armor and how the belt is going to be placed. Nothing too exciting of an update… but an update nonetheless. : )
Here is the initial start of the leg. That grey area around the hip is aves apoxie. Kind of did a rough as to where the belt would be but raised it above where the hip so that the upper torso can sit in to that raised area. (Sorry if that didn’t make sense).
And the the rest of the pics are just the gradual building of wax, smoothing and building and refining.
Stay tuned for more updates next Sunday on Man At Arms. I will also be posting more past works before then as well.
Thanks all for looking~

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