Man At Arms – Head WIP

Here is a Work in Progress of my Man At Arms. The head sculpt was started around the time that I got started in sculpting…back around early 2010. Was trying to aim for the Man At Arms that was designed by the 4 Horsemen and that came out on the 200X He Man and Motu cartoon.
Really paid no attention to symmetry. Just really wanted to make the head sculpt. I was pretty happy at the time. : )
Here are some more shots with the hairstyle.
I finished up the sculpts and baked it. I felt I did a pretty good job and hoped to sculpt the body a little later. Almost a year and a half later, started to take a stab at wax. During my time with wax, I’ve begun to the learn the importance of symmetry. And once I took a look at Man At Arms in the mirror, he looked like a reflection of Man At Arms in one of the distortion mirrors. So now, I literally have mirrors around my desk to ensure symmetry. Here’s a wax casting of the clay sculpt.
Started on fixing areas such as the eyes, cheeks, the jaws… almost everything was symmetrically off. So after scraping and dripping away a bit more and some cleaning, here are some more pics.
Eyes didn’t seem right to me… looked off. I’ve seen sculptors that leave eyes this way… and after it’s painted, it looks great! But I still didn’t like it. I left it as is to see if it would hit me… so in the meantime, I focused on how I was going to design the hair. At first, I thought of splitting the hair, since he had it in a pony tail, that that’s what the stripe across his hair was….a part line. But I didn’t like the look of it… and from what I’ve seen in the comics and cartoon… it looked like a strip of grey hair like Reed Richards. So I decided to go with that.
Here is the last WIP of the head. The final with the final look of the hair is on the Upper Torso Post.
Thanks for looking!

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