Past Works – Batman Version 1 of 3

Hello all,
Here is the next post of my set of past works. It’s Batman. : ) Very strange how new sculptors attempt to make this guy as their 1st or 2nd sculpt. He is really cool to sculpt. Going to try and keep this post simple and short as this was my 2nd sculpt.
I started sculpting the Bruce Wayne head while I was working on Hulk version 1. Just to take a break from the ginormous sculpt and to try my hand at sculpting a human face. For my second head sculpt, I felt pretty proud of it. There was no reference used… just came up with this look from all the Batman comics I used to read during the 80’s. Tried to go after the classic 80’s look haircut. Here’s a few pics:
My goal was to do a switch out head for my Batman sculpt….one of Bruce Wayne and one of Batman. After I finished up with the head, I attempted to do the body. At this point, realizing how bad my hulk armature turned out, I did alittle more research and found the John Brown dvd. Seeing him actually create an armature was more helpful than reading articles and seeing pics of someone making one… just cuz it didn’t make sense to me. Here’s my first actual planned armature:
I forgot the picture that I did the measurements of to get to this armature. But it was meant to be 1/4 scale to compliment my Sideshow Marvel statues. Thought it would be cool to have a DC v Marvel…. DC sculpted by me and Marvel sculpted by Sideshow. Here are few pics of the next stage, the bulking process:
I know … my room is a mess. I was a action figure collector…. now a statue collector. I sold off a lot of my collection to fund my statue collection and most of all to support my sculpting addiction! Okay… so… back to Bats! You can already see the proportions being a bit off… big upper torso and small legs. The measurements were taken from a cartoon picture that I had. Going from 2D to 3D was going to be difficult. Here is the final stage of the body:
Yeah… it was off. I figured I’d come back to fixing the proportions after I attempted my first Batman head sculpt. Nothing was baked yet at this point. I was going for the Batman head with a cartoon look. No real details but just how you saw him in comics… no lines, no features. Here is the baked head sculpt:
The biggest problem I had in doing this was keeping it in scale with my Bruce Wayne head. As I was creating the Batman head, I tried to sculpt it and maintain the size of the Bruce Wayne head. This was pretty difficult to do as the head seemed to get bigger every time I sculpted a facial feature. But it came out close.
Once baked, I attached the head to the body.
After seeing it attached…. he looked like a stocky guy and not at all like the tall boxer build Super hero I grew up with. So… here comes another lesson. Elongating armature to correct anatomy proportion. Super duper annoying! Shortening the wire is much much simpler. Always maintain some extra wire in the armature so you can shorten or elongate your proportions. I wanted to elongate the armature wire in the legs to make him look taller. So I removed the clay on the legs, cut the wire at the knees, added more wire for more length, bonded it with Apoxie and went from there. Here is the elongated version:
Elongated the legs and felt that it looked good with the Batman head. Unfortunately, not the case with the Bruce Wayne head. He ended up looking pinheaded with the Bruce head. Super Aggravation! Every time I fixed one problem, I would run into more problems. *sigh*… luckily nothing was baked yet. Not being happy with this sculpt at all… removed the clay and started over from scratch.
The creation of Batman Version 2 of 3 will be posted soon… I hope. : )
Stay tuned for this Sunday night… will have updates on my Man At Arms leg!

One thought on “Past Works – Batman Version 1 of 3

  1. hey wayne…no way i never knew you collected marvel legends!! I have a proper fat collection now mate!!! Love my legends!! Is that Face off Hulk being turned into Juggy?? Nice…-Jed.

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