Past Works – Batman Version 2 of 3

Hey all~
Sorry for my lack of updates on my past work. Things have been picking up so I’ve been scrounging for some time.
Let’s begin~ So last we left off, my 1st version of the Batman was taken apart and a new one began. I had a specific reference art that I was using at the time. I enlarged the reference pic as well as using some reference pic of Batman by Jim lee and went from there. I measured out my armature using the pics. I also re-did the head as well. After seeing K-Dawgs awesome work of his faces…especially the one for the Wreckers and to see how awesome those turned out, I wanted to try my hand at using a bit more details in the face.
Here are some Work in Progress pics:
Not much to say on this sculpt. Learned a little bit more about anatomy and so forth… but most importantly… actually the lesson I learned from this sculpt was looking at the sculpt from afar! I never really stepped back to see how everything looked. So… when I did step back, this is what I noticed:
His shoulders were so far apart from each other! His shoulders looked way too broad… and that point.. I was super pissed! I thought I was moving along quite well… and it seemed as though the way I wanted him portrayed was going well.
Here is a little glimpse of the fixing that was involved:
After looking at my anatomy books, I noticed that the shoulders came in a bit closer. So I made the adjustments and the final version came out to looking like this:
Not really much too say other than what I’ve said in my previous posts about my past works. Just thought I was doing well in sculpting… but as I learned more… my past works didn’t seem too appealing as I found there were plenty of errors.
Anyhow, after this was baked, I casted him in wax, and that will be the 3rd and final version of Bats. Hope you all enjoyed!
Stay tuned tonight for my Man At Arms. Thanks all~

One thought on “Past Works – Batman Version 2 of 3

  1. I like seeing your past works mate..That Batman was looking nice.. Reminds me of my own learning progression.. I have sculpts all over my desk just nearly finished but scraped because i feel i can do better lol….-Jed.

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