Man At Arms – Left Leg part 4

It’s late… and everybody is sound asleep. : ) It’s almost Christmas time folks! Sorry.. had to throw that in there.
It’s update time!! Been working pretty hard on this leg … sorry its been a bit slow… have a couple of things going on and this leg is pretty darn big. I did some cleaning up around the belt area….so I can start putting in the furry underwear area. This piece will most likely be removable.
Another area that was worked on was the knee. In my prior post, you’ll notice that the knee pad is flat. I thought it looked a little off… and when I went back to look at the figure, I noticed that the knee pad kind of wrapped around the knee. So I made that adjstment. You’ll also see some more detailing below the knee pad as well.
Majority of my time was spent on the boot. From what I gather, the boot is a puffy furry boot that is wrapped around in straps or bandages. So the straps will look tighter making the puffy boot stick out between the straps. Overall, it was pretty fun. It’s still rough but I will clean it up more as I go.
Here are some Work in progress pics:
That’s it! See you folks next Sunday~ Or not. If not, Merry Christmas!! Enjoy this beautiful holiday!
Thanks all~

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