Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

Okay… so here is an extra post that I decided to throw in. This was done quite a bit back. It was a commissioned piece of just the portrait. It was my actual first portrait but it was extremely fun and I probably learned the most from this sculpt.
This took me about a month to do. Spent an average of 3 hours per day on this thing. I felt I did a good job on the portrait. This was my first sculpt where I took dozens and dozens of pictures to use as reference. I even took screen stills of DVD’s which I felt were the most helpful… just cuz I was able to capture certain poses and expressions that I felt would be necessary for this sculpt. It was really a fun process… and a process that I try to do now in all my sculpts now.
I was given a resin copy of a head from an existing statue which I molded and casted in wax. I then went to work from there.
Here are some Work in progress shots. Sorry if the pic gets cut off… I don’t know how to expand the pic.
Just added some clay after a working a bit further on to see what he would look like with hair:
Much further along:
Once I felt that I got a good final portrait of Hugh… I made a mold and casted him in resin and started work on the hair.
I did this based on Andy Bergholtz tutorial. I had never really sculpted hair in wax… and this was the first time so I just tried to follow what he did. The hair was tough as well and took a bit of time to do. After becoming more familiar with wax… and hair (a great tutorial was posted by Andy and his process in sculpting hair – Go check it out!!) I am going to rework that hair!
Here are the final pics:
Hope everyone enjoyed!

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