Man At Arms – Left Leg Part 5

Hey all!
Sorry for being a little MIA… it has been a rough start to the new year but slowly figuring things out. I also had a couple of things going on as well so I haven’t been able to provide updates.
But I did manage to post some updates on this leg. It’s not completely done yet… but majority of it is finished. The parts that are not done are the ones where there is another part that it’s connected to. I have to ensure that everything fits properly so I don’t want to finalize anything yet.
The time consuming aspect of this body part was believe it or not… was the boot. The fur as well as the straps that surround the boot took a long long time. The belt was extremely fun to do. I probably should have used Styrene strips to wrap around the belt… but instead I used wax…which took a quite a bit longer.
But this is it. It’s the combination of the parts that I have almost completely finished. I’m moving on to the other missing arm and hand next. I just want to start on the chest armor already! : )

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