JerseyFest 2012 Airbrush and Painting Seminar and Class

Welcome all to my new blog!  I will be posting all my updates and events on this blog going forward. 

Just wanted to post my review about JerseyFest 2012.  I want to say that if you did not attend or were planning on attending but then couldn’t make it…. you seriously MISSED OUT!!!!  Holy Freaking Crap!!  I had such a blast at this show… I will be attending every show held each year… which includes both the seminars that are going to be held as well as the vendor show!! 

We start on Friday’s Painting seminar and class.  Steve Parke and Rick Cantu each gave their seminar on airbushing and painting.  For me, since I never airbrushed before, I didn’t really grasp everything that was taught… and that’s the whole reason why I would go back to the 2013 event to pick up stuff that I didn’t understand at this event.  But some of the tricks and techniques in general that could be applied to general painting was super cool! 

The class taught by Saul Alvarez and Jim Capone was my favorite part of the event!!  It was a 5 – 6 hour long class.  But really…. I wish it was longer!!!  6 hours just flew by… everybody was in their zone painting … and lo and behold… it was already 8:00!!  A person who has never held an airbrush (including myself) would have had the time of their life in this class! 

I was at first intimidated when I registered for this class.  I thought people would at least know something about airbrushing.  I knew absolutely nothing!  Nada!  I bought an airbrush and compressor a while back in the hopes of airbrushing but never had the chance.  I never even had the chance to figure out how to connect the airbrush to the damn compressor!! 

But guys… the help that you receive not just from the instructors but from the people there was just unbelievable!  We were seated in groups of 5 – 6 people.  Everybody… and I mean everybody was willing to lend a hand!!  I met people on Statue Forums as well as other forums and I seriously hope that we can all stay in touch and  hang out when everybody has the time.  They were just the greatest group of people that I met! 

Now… for the class itself.  Saul and Jim are seriously the masters of painting!!  But the way they taught the course was second to none!!  Man… no words come to my mouth on the class except that I walked away like I was the freaking best airbrusher ever!!  I learned so much and just enjoyed myself so much because they made it seem so easy… I ended buying paints from Jesse (GarageKits) at the vendor show in my desire and confidence that I was going to airbrush myself!  

The paints used were by GarageKits colors.  I have nothing to compare this line with other airbrush paint lines..but let me tell you… no diluting or mixing of the paint…. no extreme cleaning of the airbrush… (These were my main concerns when I first started researching about airbrushing)!!    You just open the bottles and squirt a couple of drops and you were off and running!  It was just so…. easy!!!  The paints were amazing…Here are a few photos of my painted kit at the Friday Painting Class:


Am I a badass or what?!?!?  Hahahahahhaha… people this class was amazing… you get this lifesize kit of the ‘The Curse of the Werewolf’, you have the greatest instructors, you meet the greatest people and your working with airbrush paints that are by far the best paints and evident by how much people want these!! 

So… can you tell that I enjoyed myself?  : )


One thought on “JerseyFest 2012 Airbrush and Painting Seminar and Class

  1. Hey Wayne, wow mate that Jersey Fest sounds incredible.. I really would love to go some time. I would have definitely taken that painting class because i’m really looking to start airbrushing myself. That Werewolf bust you done looks fantastic!! Must have been really good instructors. Anyway mate, hope you keep your blog updated because its a good read and i get such inspiration from it!!

    All the best buddy..

    – Jed.

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